Day at Newport

Posted on March 6, 2010


The first week of Uni has just finished. It was a pretty busy week, not in terms of Uni but in terms of work and getting things organised. Tom and I took a break from Uni on Wednesday to head down to Newport for a short session. The park was empty so we managed to get some filming done.

It’s been really busy for me as of late. I’ve got a lot of work and side projects happening and on top of all of that I’m starting my double Masters Degree. I have a meeting with a couple of mates today to discuss plans for our production group and things. We’re going to start shooting short films pretty soon, with one on the roll right now. I’ll keep you posted as the shoot progresses, I expect the first short that we do to be done in the coming weeks.

I’ll try and keep my blog updated with new videos everyweek. You can find out when I upload videos by following me on Twitter.

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