Nearly Home

Posted on January 17, 2010


I’m in Hong Kong at the moment, just waiting for my flight at 7pm (local). My brother and I arrived in Hong Kong at 1.30pm (local) after our long flight from Saudi. The flight from Saudi to Hong Kong was pretty bad, I wasn’t in the best of shape, which I think was due to the Iced Mocha that I had before we left Riyadh.

I’m looking forward to get home tomorrow morning (Melbourne time). My brother and I just have to kill some time before our flight leaves in 2.5 hours. See you all when I get back to Melbourne, catch wait to experience the heat wave that has swept Victoria the last couple of weeks, sleeping in the heat in my room is going to be interesting haha.

When I get back I’m going to edit the small amount of footage that I got whilst I was over in Saudi, so expect to see a clip up in the next week or so. Oh and I’ve changed my mind about working full time this year, instead of working full time I’m going to apply to do a Masters Degree so fingers crossed that I get into the course.

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