A Week in Saudi Arabia 2

Posted on December 28, 2009


It’s a little late I know but I’ve been a little busy with applying for jobs and working on some video stuff for my dad. There’s going to be a lack of photos in this post since taking photos here in public is not really allowed and I’ve capped my upload limit to my Flickr haha.

The second week of my stay in Saudi has passed and it passed quickly. It was a pretty eventful week with a Christmas party on Wednesday, catching up with some of the skateboarders over here on Thursday and Christmas on Friday. Probably one of the more exciting weeks of the year when you live over here apart from New Years.

The Christmas party was like any other, friends, family, food, and drinks. Alcohol being illegal over here you either have to go through the black market to pick up a proper bottle of Black Label or what ever takes your fancy but be prepared to pay an arm and a leg. The alternative to this is to brew your own beer, wine and spirits. At this Chrismas party we had home brewed drinks and there was plenty of it, some of it good and some of it bad haha.

Thursday was pretty interesting considering the big night that I had on Wednesday. I caught up with some of the skaters over here which was fun considering there wasn’t much of a skate scene a few years back. The day started off pretty poorly with it raining for the first part of the day. It wasn’t pooring or anything either, it was the annoying drizzle of rain. Considering that it hardly rains over here ever it was a nice change. Since we’re in the middle of the desert the rain soon stopped and the ground dried up allowing us to hit up some street spots. I’ll go more into our session in another post.

Tasty Christmas Dinner

Christmas day finally arrived on Friday, the end of the week. Yes Thursday and Friday over here are the weekends which is really strange when you first come over here and have to start the school/work week on a Saturday but you get used to it fairly quickly. I spent weekend with the family for a quiet day then headed out for an epic dinner at this Chinese Restuarant. For the special occation we go a Peaking Duck in addition to our normal dishes. It was really good, a nice adition to our Christmas dinner.

That pretty much wrapped up my second week in Saudi, there shall be more to come. New Years is just around the corner =D.

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