Merry Christmas

Posted on December 25, 2009


So it’s Christmas Eve over here in Saudi, though for Australia and many other countries in the World it is already Christmas. Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great day.

I’ll be doing a bit more blogging soon I’ve just been really busy with job applications and stuff like that. Went out filming with some of the skaters over here had a really good session so hopefully I’ll have enough footage for a clip soon. Stay tuned for that, you’ll get to see some of the spots over here in Saudi. It’s a bit hard to get footage over here though since filming in public is pretty sensitive thing over here.

I’ll post up the next installment of A Week in Saudi Arabia at the end of the Saudi week which is Friday. Till then enjoy your Christmas day and I hope you get some rad presents =D.

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