A Week in Saudi Arabia 1

Posted on December 19, 2009


Sometimes things don't translate to English well

So I arrived in Saudi last Friday, so I’ve been here for a week now. It’s pretty crazy how fast the first week of my stay here has past. Since Saudi Arabia isn’t an open country I thought that I’d take the chance to show you what Saudi is like and what there is to do here. I got this idea from Danny Choo and his A Week in Tokyo Series

Numerous Play Grounds Around Compound

So a little about living here as an expatriat. The majority of us living over here live in walled off communities called compounds which are like little villages with various facilities such as a Minimart, swimming pools, gyms, basket ball courts, play grounds etc. Living in compounds is pretty good, though you end up getting pretty bored quickly. Luckily my compounds got a half decent skatepark so I spend a fair bit of time there.


Most the time you just end up hanging out with friends and bumming around. You end up spending a lot of time on the computer as well, as I have found over the last week. Then again I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for job applications and things for next year, it’s pretty scary that I’ve finished uni. It still hasn’t sunken in yet haha.

Just having a seat looking out towards the playground

I took some more pictures but I’ve capped my Flickr monthly upload limit so I’ll upload the photos next month.

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