SEL Warrugul Heat 4

Posted on March 21, 2009


So much for not skating the comp.

Tom and I went down to the Warrugul competition of the South Eastern Leagues. It was a really good turn out for all but the Opens which had only 5 skaters haha. I told myself that I wouldn’t enter this comp, but in the end I completely ignored that and ended up skating.

What a butteryass ledge.

After the comp we went to a school that was near the park to skate some ledges that we were told were fun to skate. We got some footage while we were down at the school, but you’ll have to wait for Roll Free to come out…that’s if it ever comes out.

Theres some footage of the comp as well that Tom and I filmed. I’ll get around to editing it eventually, but I’ve got a lot of assignment work to catch up on. Fun fun fun, I’m so over it already.

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