A Desert Night

Posted on January 20, 2009


Last Thursday I went with my friend Kevin to Salwa compound which is litterally in the desert, took us about 30-40 minutes to get there. The compound is like a little city, it has its own shopping centre with mini market, Cinabon, dry cleaners etc. The compound is so big that it has bus stops within so that people can get around. I’ve never seen anything like it since I’ve been in Saudi.

We met two skaters there Ludwig and Jono who we skated with. It was good fun, the Salwa park is one of the better skateparks in Riyadh, considering most skateparks that are built in this country are built by people who havent’ really seen a skatepark before. All the quatre pipes in the park were from Woodward so that was good. I’ll write a post about skating in Saudi sometime before I leave.

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