SMP skatepark: The biggest park in the world

Posted on December 12, 2008


Whilst over in Shanghai a few days ago I was fortunate enough to get the chance to skate the SMP skatepark. It’s a great skatepark and heaps of fun to skate, but it’s in the middle of nowhere and takes ages to get to. Since it’s in a new district of Shanghai a lot of taxi drivers don’t really know the area. Directions to get to the park if you are over in Shanghai by public transport can be found here

Leaving from Shaanxi Rd Station you head up to Shanghai Railway Station, here you have to switch to Line 3 (the yellow one) and head out in the direction
of Fudan University to Jiang Wan City Station. Once you arrive at Jiang Wan Station
you will need to get a taxi the rest of the way which costs you about 20rmb (if you’re by yourself, there a plenty of motor bike taxi dudes on the corner who can do it for cheaper). It is located in an extremely new part of town and it seems that most of the cab drivers don’t know the cross streets, so just stick on Songhu Rd for a while and you should eventually stumble across it (provided you are headed in the right direction on Songhu Rd) Be on the look out for a
fairly modern looking silver building. The skate park is not that visible from the road. On the return trip, you usually have to skate back down the road a bit to where the motor bike taxi drivers are asleep / drunk on the grassy knoll. They’ll take you back to Jiang Wan Station for 15rmb a pop (am I getting ripped off ?) and from there just follow your trail of bread crumbs home.

– Dugald

The park is huge and thats no joke, there is a little bit of something for everyone at this park with more than enough transition to keep bowl riders entertained for months and maybe even years. Though I didn’t skate the bowls much because they were too deep for my liking I did skate the full pipe which was good fun, scary but good fun. The street section to the park has a lot of variety with a section for beginners which is small, but quite fun to skate with two flat bars of different heights and lengths, good for learning new tricks on. I wish they had a few of these sorts of rails at some of the parks down in Melbourne so that I could become more proficient at rails ^^.

The other sections of the street have been designed for more advanced skaters, with much bigger ledges, hubbas and rails. I didn’t really skate much ledge or rail since they were really quite sticky since not many people go to the park since they charge 50 yuan for weekdays and 60yuan for weekends, which is roughly 10-15 dollars Australian. This keeps the locals away since they have to pay to get to the park, then have to pay again to skate the park when they can just stay around the area that they live and skate the streetspots there. I’ll post something later about the street spots in China.

Though the SMP park is a great park to skate there are some problems with the park. One of these problems is having to pay to get to skate the park, seriously who wants to pay to skate an outdoor park, but that’s just my opinion. Secondly from talking to one of the skaters that I met at the park the park is not maintained so there are cracks in the concrete, tiles on some of the ledges and on a section or too of the ground have been damaged, and rails have started to rust. It’s quite frustrating since you pay to get into the park, where does all that money go? Apart from all that I encourage skaters to go check out the park because it’s super fun, and there are a lot of lines to be found and skated.

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