Back to School

Posted on July 29, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks, its been pretty busy for me lately and I haven’t had the chance to film as much as I have wanted to. That being said I went out and filmed some stuff on Saturday which came out pretty well….I think lol. Pom’s 19th was that night as well so Tom, Jess, Joey, and I went down to his place to party wooooooo ^^. Sunday slept in a bit then went skating with Tom and Zak, it was pretty horrible weather, so we just skated about Ringwood carparks, then as we were driving to Nunawading the tire was a bit flat so we had to hit up the nearest petrol station to pump it up. We discovered that there was a puncture in the tire so we had to change it. Quite the experience in the cold lol. It was a pretty short day cause Tom had to leave at 4, so I went down to Knox to hang out with Kial at Boarderline. After he finished work we went down to Viv’s for a BBQ. Good times. I’ll have a short clip up sometime this week from the weekend so stay tuned ^^.