3 Weeks of Freedom

Posted on July 1, 2008


3 weeks of freedom began last Friday. Its good to finally be able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for a while. Went for my first skate in 3 weeks on Saturday, I just went and skated with Joey down at Ringwood because it was local and only a 3 minute train trip. It felt so good to get back on my board after three weeks, it really makes you appreciate skating a lot more. Sunday was another exciting day of skating with a bit of street spot hopping filming for the video. Caught up with Pom, Tom, Nathan, and Stevie and hit up some street spots around Box Hill which was good fun. I’ll be putting together a promo up for the video soon enough once I have enough footage from everyone. It’s kind of been unorganized filming for this video because of the other responsibilities that the guys have, but hopefully everything works out in the end. I’ll put up a clip tomorrow of some of the stuff that went down or what would have gone down haha.

I’m back at work now after not working for the last 3 weeks, so I’ve been really quite broke lately. I should be back to financial stability pretty soon, but then again I’ll be spending money on the training course that I have to do this weekend for Simply Skateboarding, on my Macbook Pro, and on a Gundam model kit, so I’ll be pretty broke after these holidays once again. I should be saved by the tax return that I’ll get soon enough cause its that time of year again where we gather all our receipts and go to the accountant to get our taxes done. Its always a good time of year to get money that you aren’t allowed to touch for an entire year =D. Well I should probably get back too work…Check back in the next few days for more updates ^^.