A cold Wintery day

Posted on June 1, 2008


Tom Mahoney Front Board Pop out
Photo: Tom Mahoney Front Boardslide Pop Out by Tom Breakwell

I was down at Ringwood park at 9am today waiting for Viv to come pick me up to go down to Knox park for my first day on the job. It was super foggy and it was really wet because of it. Viv arrived and we headed down to Knox. It was a pretty chilled day at work skating with the guys that were down there since there wasn’t any kids for clinics, so we just skated about. Tom came down and we had a sick session, all good fun. Work finished and we packed up and headed down to Ringwood for a street skate. We met Tom Breakwell down at the park and headed off on a street mission. Got some footage and Tom Breakwell got some photos taken.

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