Posted on May 2, 2008


Once again another hectic week at Uni. I had 4 assignments due this week so it was a bit of a rush to get them all done, but now there finally done and submitted so I can relax and enjoy the better things of life. I can finally get back to editing clips and stuff now which is great because there are a few clips that I still have to put together, but I’ve had to delete all the footage for those clips cause of the lack of space on my computer. I really need to pick up another external hard drive so I can store all of my footage on their instead of my computer. I might be working down at Knox Park tomorrow so that should be sick, still gotta wait and see what happens though. Speaking of Knox Park I’m in the process of putting a Knox Park video with some of the locals down there to be shown at one of the screenings of the park. I’ll have to talk with Viv about it more, but if the video screening does happen I’ll have a promo of the Video up on here as soon as I start filming.