Crak Demo

Posted on March 14, 2008


Last Saturday I went down to film the Crak demo down at Knox. It was a pretty big turn out. The session was really good, some crazy hammers went down. Its times like these that I wish that I had a fisheye, but I won’t have to wait too long now till I get one =D. I missed some of the tricks which kind of annoyed me because they were really good, but shit happens I suppose. The guys that skated the demo were Damo, Jon, James, Teddy, Langers, Tom, Lachy, Lex, Nick, and Jayden. There was three sections to the demo; the four stair rail, the hubbas (rail , vert wall and euro included)and the big three. I hope you enjoy the clip.

On the way home whilst waiting for the train at Boronia station the guys decided to have a little session over a Woodstocks box that was sticking out of the near by bin, everyone got in on the little session until it was shut down by the lady on the speaker. After the session got called off some randoms came up and I think they tried to roll us for our wallets and phone and probably my gear, really sketchy. Luckily they were greatly out numbered haha.

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